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UGG Australia introduced the rest of the world to the sublime indulgence of the sheepskin boot, but now a number of labels have stepped up the game. They're a little warmer, the design and stitching a little more evolved and for the fashion savvy, they're the boots you're starting to see on everyones feet. After all, who wants to join the party long after it's ended?


A long established label in the southern hemisphere, they're the 2nd biggest contender on this list. Still made in Australia you'll find no issues with quality or workmanship. The biggest advantage EMU have over the rest is in the sole. They're a rubber composite that is more durable but still quite light in weight.


Short: £150

Tall: £185


Winner by technical knockout in most comparisons, it's us! The difference in Ozalia boots lie in the marginally thicker and extra plush sheepskin. It's like double insulating a roof. The result is that most comparisons say these boots feel softer and warmer. The soles aren't as durable as EMU but in terms of luxury no one is close.


Short: £89

Tall: £99


The only UK brand on this list, they offer a decent range and excellent workmanship. Price isn't as competitive as the others and neither is comfort but you're dealing with a well established British brand and if you're in the UK can try the boots on at a number of local stockist.


Short: £99

Tall: £120


They're American and just as chic as UGG Australia. If you're into lifestyle brands this may be a more affordable alternative for you. Quality is probably the lowest of the contenders but it's still quite reasonable. Be careful in choosing the right model, some are not twin faced sheepskin and so they're just not as warm as genuine twin faced sheepskin boots.


Short: £87

Tall: £98


Despite the party going stale and the popularity subsiding they're still a really good boot and they may very well become the leaders again. The thing to watch when purchasing this brand is the problem of counterfeiters. This is the label counterfeiters love and sabotage every winter. If you're looking to purchase this brand it's safest to purchase from either the official site or a site listed as an official partner. Counterfeiters are nearly always featured prominently in Google, they often copy legitimate sites and so they can be difficult to identify visually. In terms of quality and reputation UGG Australia will match any brand featured on this list.


Short: £155

Tall: £195





Aaron Robbins

12th January 2017


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