Top 5 Cutest Winter Boot Outfits

Whichever way you look at it, these boots are trending

The trend started in 1978, they were hot in the 2000’s when Opera Winfrey announced her love for fleece boots and they are even hotter and more popular today.

Why are these boots the fashion that never dies?

  1. There is nothing warmer or more cozy! They keep your feet super snug during the cold seasons.
  2. They are versatile. You can literally wear them anywhere with the right accessories. Style them up or chill at home in them!
  3. There is a huge range of styles out there for everyone's personal taste. All different types of colors, styles and even accessories like crystals and beads.

Celebrities, Fashion Bloggers and Instagramers are battling it out with the hottest boot style trends.

Here are 5 of the HOTTEST looks:

Image: nixtreme88

#1 - Boots with Leggings

This is a big fashion DO. Wear them with simple black leggings for a classy look. A big bag is a great accessory. Leggings show off your figure make your bum look great too!




Image: tomicki_style
#2 - Boots With A Big Funky Jacket

A great way to accentuate your beautiful boots is to wear a warm, stylish coat. Look uber cool but super warm!


Image:  fromnecktotoe
#3 - Boots With Textured Layers

Most fleece boots are natural earthy colours. You can go with this theme and create layers to catch the eye. Notice the brown/orange jumper underneath the top layer? All colours are complimentary to one another. A nice simple handbag is the perfect accessory that really gives this style a touch class.



Image:  rohicocco
#4 - Boots With A Ponch

A poncho is funky and can make a cool statement while keeping you warm. The poncho and jeans here are blue and they contrast the boots so they stand out and look great!


Image:  mecnanyy
#5 - Boots With A Scarf

A scarf can be a very cheap yet effective accessory. Scarfs add a layer, texture and colour! Such a great idea, and they keep you warm! Notice the red in the scarf and bag match to really add some highlight to this outfit. Simple yet effective.